In the bin!

I’ve never been more excited to have a new bin.* I’m now the proud owner of a brown bin from the council to put my weeds in! Looks at this lovely trio. I couldn’t be more proud of them.

To get them from my council there’s a £30 (or so) a year charge, but I’ve got so many weeds to throw away that this’ll come very much in handy. Especially as we’ve no car to take this kind of rubbish away. (And Tim won’t let me use an incinerator in the garden!)

Maybe don’t do this. There needs to be more drainage.

My only other plan was to “mulch” down the weeds, which I’d heard was a thing. My methodology wasn’t going quite as well as expected though; leaving the weeds under a piece of tarp just made them damp and quite smelly.

*Until today when my bread bin arrived!

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