Honey bees

I recently went to Mercato Metropolitano in South London where they have all sorts of food and drink stalls, its a good spot for lunchtime or after-work food as they have a big area with benches for you to eat at. There is also a little shop where they sell products you can take away, such as cheeses and breads. I suppose you could eat a whole wheel of cheese on site but I don’t think thats the point.

One of the things they were selling was jars of honey from Bermondey Street Bees. The honey is pretty decent and comes with a big wedge of honeycomb in the jar which I quite like. Mostly I got it because they were also giving out little booklets on how to attract bees to your garden and getting bees in the garden is one of our goals. I don’t think we’ll be going so far as to get a hive though but the booklet tells you what sort of plants they like.

They have a copy of the booklet on the bottom of this page

Definitely not a bird

One of the earlier visitors to our brand new bird feeder was most definitely not hugely welcome.

This is actually a photo taken by my next door neighbour, eagle eyed!

On the face of it, I don’t mind feeding the squirrels. (Protecting red squirrels around Nottingham might be a lost game.) The reason they’re so unwelcome is that they’re quite violent, and will shoo off the birds whenever they want access to the nuts.

They take mouthfuls of peanuts and then they bury them in my own garden! The entire container full of nuts disappears in a couple days. They’ve managed to knock off the peanut feeder a number of times (I’ve not seen how they do this, but I’m sure it’s them).

The hunt begins for a squirrel baffle.