Late night sowing

This system of laying out the seed packets and then taking a photo of them isn’t the wisest. I’m assuming that the last three are marigolds and the three before that are nasturtium, but who knows. The two columns in the middle could be anything.

I made quite the effort to just get one seed in each pot to begin with. However, I got bored of that rather quickly and just started dashing them into thumble-sized holes.

These are going to live in my conservatory for the next few weeks. The conservatory gets rather warm during the day, but almost as cold as outside during the night. So, I’m not entirely sure they’ll survive a late March cold snap, but we’ll see.

Working in the dark

During the winter – and in fact for the start of spring – by the time my work day was finished at 17:30 it was already ten minutes past sun set. Fortunately, this pushed backed and back each day, but the only real jump was when day light savings kicked in; the first time I’ve actually appreciated it!

However, until then, all I could do was work in the dark.

These are the working conditions I’ve been working with throughout February and January. The only light source was a light from my conservatory.

On a trip to Wilkos I also picked up a torch and spotlight, which is working quite well. For such a cheap thing, it’s holding up and gives a good amount of light. At least enough to cancel out my shadow when I have my back to the main light. It’s not the easiest item to place or position.

Even with the torch, getting much further than the patch of main light was tricky. For that reason, that patch of garden that’s visible in the photo is the nicest pruned in the garden now.

Whilst weeding away, and turning the soil, I tended to listen to Radio 4 shows, like Just A Minute and The News Quiz. Unfortunately, having just moved into the area, this might have given my new neighbours the impression that I sit in my garden at night, grunting and laughing loudly to myself uncontrollably. One particularly memorable segment that highlighted this was the “nuts” lecture on The Unbelievable Truth which lead me to have to pause the podcast and sit on the floor for a few minutes to recover.